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Health Care and the New Normal

New Rules for Managing Patient Access Demand Creativity, Common Sense…and ...
Becker's Hospital Review
When the dust settles and the destiny of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has been decided, healthcare organizations will begin to operate within "the new normal." Are these organizations prepared? How does one prepare for the most ... 

TUPA hopes voters will accept 'new normal'
Economic Times
However, it seems to be playing by a larger calculation ; that is, people will come to terms with the 'New Normal' in petrol prices. Many in the government feel that the voter is more appreciative of the global economic constraints than they are made ...

AJC debates 'new normal' of gay marriage
Project Q Atlanta
Besides, what he's missing in his op-ed is the simple fact I used to open my side of the argument: “There's a 'new normal brewing across the country, yet it embraces values that have stood the test of time: equality and freedom.”

Project Q Atlanta

Ryan Murphy Talks NORMAL HEART, NEW NORMAL, GLEE, and More!
Broadway World
GLEE creator Ryan Murphy recently chatted with Vulture about many of his upcoming projects, which include a film version of THE NORMAL HEART, A NEW NORMAL (featuring theatre veterans Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha), and more.

Gay marriage: About time or unnatural?
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
Today, a same-sex marriage proponent calls gay marriage the new normal. An opponent says such unions erode the country's moral fabric. Let us know what you think with comments below. Moderator Rick Badie leads the discussion.

Unsteady Big East Pins Hopes on TV Deal
New York Times
Joe Bailey, the conference's interim commissioner, summed up the uncertainty — “change is sort of the new normal” — as jokes about the necessity for name tags filled the conference rooms. As awkward as this marriage of mutual desperation may appear, ...

Lift marriage barrier for same-sex couples
Atlanta Journal Constitution
By Matt Hennie There's a “new normal” brewing across the country, yet it embraces values that have stood the test of time: equality and freedom. That “new normal” is what Gallup calls the acceptance of same-sex couples that they find is growing.

Ryan Murphy Dishes More 'American Horror Story' Season 2 Details
Murphy is doing this while juggling three television shows: Glee on Fox, American Horror Story on FX, and his promising new family comedy, The New Normal, which was ordered to series at the NBC Upfronts earlier this month.

Home is where the new heart is
Los Altos Town Crier
“Once we get home, it'll be a new normal for us. We'll get back into the swing of work and school.” The road to recovery, however, was far from easy, Kaltenbach said. The morning after her transplant surgery, she was whisked into the operating room for ...

Sustaining Redlands: Climate change
Redlands Daily Facts
Rather, such events are the "new normal" as the earth warms. The National Academies of Science of all the major industrialized nations conducting research on climate change have all issued statements that climate change is a real and serious problem ...

8 Consumer Stocks to Sell in a Soft Market
While gas prices and unemployment are both edging down, the reality is that many Americans have been forever changed by the financial crisis and there is a “new normal” in their spending habits. That is weighing on a certain group of consumer stocks.

Why A Cyber Security Bill Will Pass
In These Times
Everyone from hackers to gamers to average netizens will have to get used to a new normal. BY Kenneth Rapoza The latest Internet bills have nothing to do with copyright issues, and everything to do with security threats. It's been a year of one step ...

Name of the Game: Pomp and Circumstance
With way too much discussion of sartorial pomp and precious little of "New Normal" circumstance, he not only cheated the group but committed a cardinal journalistic sin by "burying the headline." Eventually, he ticked off some points about resilience ...

'Go Native' To Keep Your Lawn Looking Green
CBS Local
Hot is the new normal. Four of the top 10 hottest years in DFW records (going back 114 years) have occurred in the last six years. Three of the top 10 hottest summers on record have been logged in the last four years. This streak of unusually hot ...

CBS Local

The RREIN Roundtable: the Pros and Cons of Today's Market (press release)
Ed Krafchow: The current marketplace is a new normal. It is not the marketplace of the old spring or summer season in California. I'm taking a conservative approach to the year. In the first quarter, we were quite a ways ahead of projections and we ...

Renewed, Canceled & New 2012
Salt Lake City Weekly
New next fall/spring: Animal Practice (Weeds' Justin Kirk as big-city veterinarian looking for love), Chicago Fire (Rescue Me minus the alcoholism), Go On (Matthew Perry as Gary Unmarried), Guys With Kids (just what it sounds like), The New Normal(gay ...

Salt Lake City Weekly

Did falling correlations cause JP Morgan's trading losses?
Reuters Blogs (blog)
At that point, high correlations really did look as though they were the new normal. Obviously, correlations within and across different asset classes don't always move in tandem with each other. But in general, the RORO trade, as it's known, (risk-on, ...

Reuters Blogs (blog)

Romney's Higher Ed Platform
Inside Higher Ed
“America needs a new normal, where college is affordable and paying off debt is achievable.” (Despite the doomsday tone, the platform actually understates a key statistic on student debt, claiming that "nearly half" of undergraduates borrow to pay for...

Inside Higher Ed

Finding the new "normal"
Lexology (registration)
The new 'normal' will be different." So, four years on, has a new "normal" emerged in banking? A huge burden of distressed loan assets remains on bank balance sheets, while banks face stringent new regulatory capital requirements and reduced liquidity ...

'Pro-choice' Americans found in record-low minority
Washington Times
“Americans are increasingly identifying with the position of protecting human life,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, adding that pro-life identification has been dubbed the “new normal.” Cecile Richards, president of ...

Washington Times

Buy, Sell, or Hold: Johnson & Johnson
Despite an incredible dividend, brand strength, and better diversification than just about any other company in this space, a few recent quality slips are a nagging concern that it's become a "new normal." Austin suggests holding off long enough to see ...

Reserve Bank's G. Gopalakrishna: 'We Have No Target for the Rupee'
Has the RBI now settled for a new normal of 6% to 7%? Gopalakrishna: We have always advocated that our comfort level is below 5%. But we have to look into both growth and inflation. In the past two years, the RBI has been continuously increasing the ...


Ghost Of 2004 Hovers Over L.A.Screenings As Int'l Buyers Lament Lack Of Breakouts
Partners and NBC/20th TV's The New Normal have fans, along with ABC/ABC Studios' alien family comedy The Neighbors, which has been garnering laughs. (Some buyers also liked Mindy Kaling's Fox/NBCU comedy while others found it strange.) ...

Stern Advice-Investors pressed to go alternative
There's a lot of talk about the "new normal" swirling around alternative investments. Wright, for example, makes the argument that traditional buy-and-hold investing in stocks and bonds is a discredited strategy and it's a "big myth" that you need ...

Did Dell Just Become a Sell?
Gladden's revenue guidance for the second quarter goes along with strictly seasonal patterns on top of the new normal that was set in this report. The full-year outlook was not changed, but not because management is confident in recovering lost ground ...

Despite Layoffs, Signs of Stability Emerge from HP
Looking ahead, we believe that the first half of fiscal year 2012 represents the new normal level of operating profitability, with upside potential during the next several years as CEO Meg Whitman puts her stamp on the firm by controlling expenses and ...

Saffron Technology Launches All-Source Intelligence Analytics Platform
Exec Digital (press release)
No normal is the new normal. So to make the best possible decisions, frontline decision makers need to bring all the available evidence to bear, instantly finding the right data in Big Data to make sense of it in the critical moment.

NFL counting on Vincent to get message across to players
Yahoo! Sports
In what was probably sobering for even some of the grizzled media veterans attending the meeting, he used the term "the new normal" for the culture change that must ensue. And Vincent might be the NFL's best hope for disseminating that message.

Will the market remain irrational longer than we can stay solvent ?
Proactive Investors USA & Canada
Truth be told … the old world not, the new normal(s) persist in making its reality felt. Today's Gospel: Many RegMed stocks are DOWN … Mid-day, Wednesday … there are NO leader(s) … few green (ups) … many reds (downs) and … 1 black (flats).

TV: Hang 10: The Year's Most Pro…
After premiering Whitney; Up All Night; Bent; Are You There, Chelsea? and Best Friends Forever in 2011-12, NBC elected to go with a broad slate of family comedies (Men With Kids, The New Normal), workplace sitcoms (Animal Practice, Next Caller) and the ...

50% self-identify as Pro-Life, fewest ever–41%–self-identify as Pro-Choice
National Right to Life News
Pro-lifers avidly remember the headline for a May 14, 2010, Gallup report was “The New Normal on Abortion: Americans More 'Pro-Life.'” #2. Trying to minimize the numbers. “This, however, seems to say very little about Americans' support for abortion ... Weekly Rate Report, May 23, 2012: Credit card interest rates ...
The long inactivity followed by mild tinkering could mean cards issuers have finally adjusted to a new normal following two events that shook them to the core: the recession and a sweeping federal credit card reform law. We're coming up on four years ...

Debt ceiling déjà vu
This is, as they say, the new normal. That was the way it sounded on Marketplace last summer, when political brinksmanship over the debt ceiling even caused one rating agency to downgrade US debt. It doesn't sound like the politicians learned any ...

Philosophy: Solitude And The New Age of Privacy | The Adirondack ...
By Marianne Patinelli-Dubay
And with this new normal now apparently upon me, my mind set to wondering about what this shift (real or imagined) means. I don't know about you, but privacy feels to me like one of those sacred spheres where solitude and quietude also ...
The Adirondack Almanack

Trailer Court: New fall TV previews judged! | Inside TV |
By Lynette Rice and James Hibberd
... Mr. Sunshine. Lynette: While it pains me to say goodbye to his superior character on The Good Wife, Perry and this comedy exceeded my expectations. I'm thinking the best parts will only be when group is in session, however. New Normal: ...
Inside TV

NeNe Leakes Says Kenya Moore is Not in the Picture | Majic 102.3
By The Tom Joyner Morning Show
Regardless of everyone else's plans, NeNe assured that she would be there in full force for season 5, despite her new acting job on new NBC series, “The New Normal.” Williams suggested she's about outgrown the reality show and maybe it's ...
Majic 102.3

Your FAQs About Speaker Coaching, Answered
By Jezra
Why is everything going faster, getting more extreme, taking more effort, and… oh, wait, this is that “new normal” people keep talking about, isn't it? Or else, it's called running your own business. In the last six months, I've: Published a novel ...
Speak Up For Success

Centre of Criminology Library Blog: Welcome, Nato, to Chicago's ...
By Tom
Welcome, Nato, to Chicago's police state. The Nato summit will come and go, but Mayor Emanuel has authorised a 'new normal' of militarised social control in Chicago With Nato delegates arriving Saturday night, the City of Chicago has been ...
Centre of Criminology Library Blog

Peter Gordon's Blog: "Network Society"
By Peter Gordon
Ever cheaper and ever better communications opportunities are the new normal and we get "The Network Society". The label is not mine, but the title of a piece by the amazing Peter Drucker in the March 29, 1995 WSJ -- which I have clung to ...
Peter Gordon's Blog

64 High School Students (with Support of Mayor & Police ...
By Zachary Shahan
With rising oil prices, global warming, rising obesity, and lack of exercise among Americans, it would seem harmlessly riding bikes to school would be celebrated, perhaps even promoted as a new normal. On the second-to-last day of school, ...

EAT DRINK PRETTY: Back to work
By Jenna
I know it gets easier each day so within the next few weeks I'm sure this will be the new normal. Juliet still has a late bedtime, she doesn't go to sleep until about 9-9:30 so that means I get at least 3 hours with her each evening, which I cherish.

Weekly jobless claims steady-ish at 370K, durable goods order for ...
By Ed Morrissey
Welcome to Obamanomics “New Normal”. GarandFan on May 24, 2012 at 10:41 AM …but…butt we're going down the right path!…in the right direction!…JugEars told folks at a gala fund raiser last night that he couldn't FIX every thing in 5 ...
Hot Air » Top Picks

Why a Cyber Security Bill will pass | Peace Palace Library
By Ingrid Kost
Everyone from hackers to gamers to average netizens will have to get used to a new normal. ...Everyone from hackers to gamers to average netizens will have to get used to a new normal. By Kenneth Rapoza. Source : In These Times ...
Peace Palace Library

Cisco Blog » Blog Archive » Are You Ready for the New Normal?
Over the last ten years, the utilization of mobile devices by consumers has undergone a radical transformation. From voice, to SMS messaging, to data, to.

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