Monday, May 14, 2012

The New Normal Does Not Feel Normal

Reset housing recovery just around the corner
The Seattle Times
As a nation, we resist making the conscious, strategic reset necessary to be competitive, sustainable and restore middle-class economic mobility. So the New Normal won't feel normal, even if for now, and for many, Seattle is an island of prosperity.

Families also pay the price for repeated war tours
The Army uses words like these to describe US soldiers in the post-9/11 era who have had to adapt to the new normal of repeat combat tours. The same words apply to the spouses, children and other loved ones of oft-deployed troops.

NeNe Leakes Lands A Role In The New NBC Series, The New Normal Live
The Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star has landed a recurring role in the new NBC pilot, TheNew Normal. Created by Ryan Murphy, the mastermind behind Glee, and scribe Ali Adler, the show revolves around a gay couple played by Andrew Rannells and ...

StanChart to hold forum in Dubai
Trade Arabia
Standard Chartered has announced that its annual Standard Chartered Forum will be held in Dubai on the May 15, under the title 'The New Normal: Markets Emerging in the Super-Cycle'. The one-day forum is an annual leadership event that is organised in ...

NBC Comedy: 'The New Normal' Preview
"The New Normal" is produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Ryan Murphy Productions. Murphy serves as creator/executive producer and director along with executive producer/creator/writer Ali Adler ("Glee," "Chuck") and executive producer Dante Di ...

Gay marriage: News, but not a game-changer
The Star-Ledger - (blog)
One network reportedly is ginning up a new series about a homosexual couple dubbed "The New Normal." How's that grab you? I want to be clear here: I've got nothing against gay marriage. Indeed, with more and more straight couples shunning marriage, ...

The Star-Ledger - (blog)

Standard Chartered Forum 2012 to be held in Dubai
CPI Financial
This year, the Forum will be held under the title: “The New Normal: Markets Emerging in the Super-Cycle”. Last year, the Dubai event was attended by more than 400 executives. The one-day forum is an annual leadership event that is organized in key ...

'It is now your turn'
The Daily Advertiser
"We live in what I call the 'new normal.' The opportunity for success within that new normalcomes in solving these issues. You are now equipped to solve those problems. It is now your turn." Honore also encouraged graduates to "live a life of ...

Honoring a 'Terror War' Architect
Real News Network
These practices and “Special Forces” operations guarantee an indefinite supply of anti-US militants for what is now known as the “new normal” in the kind of wars that former Gen. and now CIA Director David Petraeus has said our grandchildren will still ...

On gay rights, a historic shift
Philadelphia Inquirer
Full equality for gay people is the new normal. It's the majority sentiment in the polls, a trend that will only strengthen with time. As the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

Chris Spielman on his book, Mother's Day
ESPN (blog)
Spielman said this is just part of the new normal for his family after his wife passed away after a fifth battle with cancer. He wrote a book -- "That's Why I'm Here: The Stefanie and Chris Spielman Story" -- to talk about Stefanie's fight and what ...

ESPN (blog)

'The Office' Renewal Update: Cast Deals Finally Closing As NBC Upfront Looms
Let's see what they do with 'The New Normal'. I'm not wild about the pilot, but I never bet against Ryan Murphy – he's smart and knows what's he's doing. Maybe NBC should place 'The New Normal' right now (fall) at the /Thursday-9pm slot, ...

Water quality: 'A failure of our leaders to lead'
If we are living in the “new normal,” we just finished a legislative session which, if it were house in need a of a new roof — we hung some new curtains. BFP: What kinds of questions do folks in Chittenden County need to be asking about the lake?

Weather cooperates for Minnesota fishing opener
“The problem is not going away and what we need to do now is help people understand that this is the new normal,” Brewer said. “All these new rules are the new normal. You are not going to be able to hop from lake to lake and fish five different lakes ...

Boning Up on the Upfront: A Cheat Sheet for the 2012-13 Bazaar
Among the more promising single-camera projects are: the Matthew Perry vehicle Go On, Ryan Murphy's The New Normal and Animal Kingdom, starring Justin Kirk. Meanwhile, after greenlighting pilots from Roseanne Barr and Sarah Silverman, NBC appears to ...

No Better Example of 'Basic Family Values' for NPR: Two Gay Men Using a ...
NewsBusters (blog)
The New Normal." If it becomes abnormal for heterosexuals to reproduce with each other, that would be, to quote Steve Roberts, "increasingly odd." ROBERTS: What's happening to Republicans, what we were talking about earlier, it's life experience.

Chch schools 'need comprehensive plan'
"Any solution for Christchurch must be mindful that teachers and principals need certainty in the anticipated transition to a 'new normal'. "Arbitrary decisions made without the full engagement of the community and education leaders would just add ...

The Incredibly Shrinking Credit Card Rewards Sign Up Bonus
The Balance Transfers Blog (blog)
This could be the new normal, but it could also be a stop on the way to the minuscule bonuses offered prior to last year. For information on current bonus offers, please see our section on credit card rewards. Smart Balance Transfers relies on tips and ...

The Balance Transfers Blog (blog)

Mom who lost three daughters keeps them in her heart: Regina Brett
Plain Dealer (blog)
You learn how to live with it in a new normal. It's always there," she said. "It's just not always right in front of you." But Ngozi and Nkiruka are, with big smiles and sticky hugs, skipping and laughing and singing themselves silly. brett . jpg.

Plain Dealer (blog)

New Fall TV Shows 2012 -- Full List With Preview Photos - TVLine
By Team TVLine
NBC has way too many shi sitcoms; just based on the publicity photo, I hope The New Normalnever sees the light of day. Comment by smidnite – May 12, 2012 09:03 PM PDT Reply To This Post. I have to say I agree , sadly , most of those ...

Gory Glory at Fordham Commencement (Be There, If You Can) | War ...
By Ray McGovern
These practices and “Special Forces” operations guarantee an indefinite supply of anti-U.S. militants for what is now known as the “new normal” in the kind of wars that former Gen. and now CIA Director David Petraeus has said our ...
War Is A Crime .org

Ingested Heroin…. Nigerian Woman Sets An Unenviable World ...
By agyateng
Christopher Hess, director of Customs and Border Patrol for Washington D.C. said: “The amount of pellets and heroin this woman ingested is incredible, a serious health risk, and very troubling if these numbers become the new normal.” ...

Infidel Bloggers Alliance: Jihad Is Alive And Well In The Western World
By Pastorius
This is the new normal. More than 100 homes evacuated as bomb disposal experts carry out four controlled explosions after two terror arrests Daily Mail. Officers found explosives in a garage after searching two homes in the Cheltenham area ...
Infidel Bloggers Alliance

High Unemployment the New Normal -
The headline unemployment statistics are wrong. Unemployment is higher than 8.1 percent and it will be for a while.

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