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New Normal: Economic Recovery Without Housing

Can the US Economy Recover Without a Housing Recovery?
I think the current prices for housing are very close to the new normal. There will not be a meaningful move up from these prices in the next five years. In fact, prices will likely continue the drop before they go back up. But I think the economy will ...

Trading the new normal in India
Reuters Blogs (blog)
According to David Cornell, who runs an India portfolio at specialist investor Ocean Dial, they must simply get used to the “new normal” — subpar growth and high cost of capital. In this shift, Cornell points out, return on assets in India has fallen ...

Reuters Blogs (blog)

Market Divergence Indicative of New Normal
Genetic Engineering News
From multiple perspectives, the biopharmaceutical industry is a study in contrasts. As measured by the major stock indices, it would appear that the sector is performing well. The Amex Biotechnology Index (BTK) has more than doubled since the September ...

The New Normal
And as the recession recovery continues, a new normal emerges for the local non-profit. When it rains, it pours and Christine Woods struggles to keep her head above water. The single mother of three works nearly 50 hours a week but finds herself ...


Abheek Barua:The new normal for growth
Business Standard (blog)
I am a little surprised that the Reserve Bank of India's (RBI's) assessment in its April monetary policy of the “potential” rate of growth for the economy at roughly 7.5 per cent didn't stir up a bigger controversy than it did.

Business Standard (blog)

Glendale attempts to find 'new normal' amid steep budget cuts
Burbank Leader
As officials started the arduous process on Monday of figuring out how to close a projected $15.4-million budget gap, City Manager Scott Ochoa warned that Glendale was facing a “new normal” — and it's not pretty. Last year, when the city closed an ...

Krugman Says Fed 'Reckless' to Allow Unemployment to Stay High
San Francisco Chronicle
"We have had a massive failure of our political system that has come to accept that 8 percent unemployment is the new normal and there is nothing that can be done," Krugman said. "We're in a low- key version of the Great Depression.

Carbullido delivers State of the Judiciary
"We have often heard government leaders speak of this challenge or that challenge.... pronouncing that we will operate better when times get better, but the reality is ladies and gentlemen, that these challenging times are the new normal," he said.

Ex-Sioux City mail workers adjust to new life
Sioux City Journal
"It's a new normal is the best word. I'm still adjusting." For Kirk Rauch, a move to Sioux Falls just wasn't worth it. He was a year away from retirement. Moving from his North Sioux City home also would require finding new doctors to treat his ongoing ...

National Clothesline
National Clothesline
It is, said Mary Scalco, CEO of the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute, the “new normal.” People aren't doing the same things they were three to five years ago, she said in a Saturday morning program in which she teamed up with Nora Nealis, ...

National Clothesline

PMC-Sierra's CEO Discusses Q1 2012 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
Seeking Alpha
The -- I don't even know I can put a number on it because we actually just went through some of those and it's all over the map and the tsunami, the financial market meltdown, the 3G stuff going on in China and so we have to define a new normal I think ...

GUEST COLUMN: Warrior Games competition fosters sense of community
Colorado Springs Gazette
Critical to the transition from war to a civilian lifestyle are counseling and exercise programs designed to help wounded, ill or injured veterans and service members adjust to a new normalwhile empowering them to tackle new challenges.

Morning Meme: Aubrey O'Day Bullies Arsenio Hall, The Wanted Think That Manners...
Both The New Normal from Ryan Murphy and Partners, from Max Mutchnick and David Kohan made TV Guide's list of promising pilots. That's a lot of gay TV in just two shows. E! will air Married to Jonas, about Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle, ...

Larry Avila column: Nation adapting to slow-moving recovery
Appleton Post Crescent
However, it seems there's a new normal being established. Growth rates are not where history says they should be but the nation somehow is creating new jobs. Data released by the state Department of Workforce Development last week reported Appleton's ...

China's Car-Industry Slowdown Blip Before Next Boom (blog)
The consensus from Detroit to Wolfsburg to Tokyo: China's still hot, but its new normal will be annual market growth of 5% to 10% rather than the double digits of the past. That's just fine by most executives, who prefer moderate but steady growth to ...

Statement from US CSB on Workers Memorial Day
As Ms. Sherburne so eloquently stated at our public meeting in Gallatin, she is still trying to find "a new normal" following the death of her husband. As chairperson of the Chemical Safety Board I would like to take this opportunity to recommit my ...

How Jon Kirchner broke up DTS Inc. without losing the support of his team
Smart Business Network
... in a very respectful, open and communicative way where your reasoning is not hidden, but is very transparent, ultimately people will navigate through the various stages of change in terms of shock and anger and transition into the new normal.

How to have a different school funding outcome? Elect different legislators
Your Houston News
The cuts our schools experienced this year are not temporary — they are the new normal. If we want the Texas legislature to prioritize public education, we must elect legislators that will promote adequate funding and effective policy that will ...

The Dow Ends April With a Whimper
... and with the Federal Reserve having few tools remaining to battle a liquidity trap, not to mention total policy gridlock in Congress, a tepid recovery with persistently high unemployment is quickly becoming the new normal. In slightly lighter news, ...

Business confidence index rose in April
A slow-growth economy, beset by uncertainties, is challenging for many companies; larger employers may be able to accept this 'new normal,' while smaller firms continue to hope for a more robust recovery.” Chris Reidy can be reached at

Air travel not much fun anymore
Helena Independent Record
Local officials have done everything they can to combat long security lines and get passengers to the gates as quickly and painlessly as possible, and as Americans have become used to the “new normal” of air travel, the system works better than it used ...

Everest Group Research Projects F&A Outsourcing Market Will Rebound With 10-15 ...
PR Web (press release)
In 2010, technology augmentation emerged as the new “normal,” a trend that continued in 2011 as nearly 45 percent of the new contracts signed in 2010-2011 included service provider add-on tools such as workflows, interfaces, document management, ...

SEC, Un-liked
This is the new normal. On the whole, the web is a hugely positive force - we research online, discover what others think and become more educated consumers. Why should this be different for interactions between financial advisors and their clients or ...

Jeff Bonty: Rite of passage rough on Mom
Kankakee Daily Journal
"Although I know it is what a parent prepares a child for, I know we will develop a new normal, but it is going to take us both awhile. Randy will miss them on many levels and I will be a hot mess for a while (that is Southern for a disaster).

Nielsen to Marketers: Hispanics Won't Stop and Melt for You
... by 2050 will be of Hispanic descent, according to projections by the most recent census - and we keep refusing to "melt," the US Hispanic market, with all its irregularities, may soon become the new normal, or at least one of the new normals.

Unsocial media
On Monday, though, Woods unveiled a new normal. He decided to skip the pre-tournament interview for this week's Wells Fargo Championship at Charlotte's Quail Hollow in favor of a video Q&A session in which he answered questions from fans.

America Admits to Targeted Drone Killing for the First Time Ever
Putting a human's name on a list—US citizen or otherwise—and then killing them from a missile he never saw coming is the new normal. Although Brennan didn't dictate much more than the fact that the government is "confident" in a target's culpability ...

Workplace Flexibility Quotes from 2012 Report Briefing
About Working Moms
Flexibility is not on a fast track, but it's on a steady track to becoming the new normal." "When we ask employers in an open ended question why they're doing what they do, the largest percentage (37 percent) talk about retaining employees.

Paul Krugman and Ron Paul discuss economics – as it happened
The Guardian (blog)
3.48pm: Paul Krugman: "We've had a massive failure – we've had an extraordinary failure of our political system, which has come to accept that 8 percent unemployment is the new normal." There's enough blame to go around for the mismanagement of the ...

The Guardian (blog)

SMELLIE ON SMEs: Down so long it looks like up?
Yahoo!Xtra New Zealand News
Nevertheless, those Grant Thornton statistics make it clear that surging profits are not a reasonable expectation in the "new normal" of highly competitive, debt-constrained economic conditions. Overall, profits of New Zealand's small and medium sized ...

Heading For a Fall? Aussie Rate Cut Hints at China Slowdown
Still, in a world where 2 percent growth might be the "new normal" for developed G-7 economies (and many would be lucky to get there inside the current, or even the next, business cycle) investors will be wise not to rely on China machine-like ...

New Books – May 2012
By Donna McCormick
... must respond to rapidly changing market conditions, competitive pressures, and shifting customer demands and expectations-to look ahead and put themselves in a position to seize the opportunities presented by the “new normal.” ...
Information Central

Climate Leadership From American Colleges and Universities | Your ...
It's clearly time for our nation to begin adapting to a “new normal,” as the climate is irrefutably changing. We need climate preparedness and models for a low-carbon American economy. In 2007, a small group of visionary college and ...
Your Olive Branch News

Everest Group research projects F&A outsourcing market will ...
By Staff Writer
In 2010, technology augmentation emerged as the new “normal,” a trend that continued in 2011 as nearly 45 percent of the new contracts signed in 2010-2011 included service provider add-on tools such as workflows, interfaces, document ...
Everest Group

By Rita Schulte
Doing that, you have then embarked on a journey toward establishing a “new normal.” As you begin walking down the steps of the courthouse – you are taking your first steps toward a new life. The journey may be long and sometimes difficult.
Sifted As Wheat

Social Networks and Collaborative Resilience | idisaster 2.0
By kim26stephens
This type of Facebook page should no longer be news: this is the new normal. When there is a crisis people will stand up Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to help match those with the desire to help with those in need. In the words of the ...
idisaster 2.0

Krugman says Fed is 'reckless' to allow high unemployment | iPolitics
By Bloomberg
“We have had a massive failure of our political system that has come to accept that 8 perc ent unemployment is the new normal and there is nothing that can be done,” Krugman said. “We're in a low-key version of the Great Depression.” ...

Prosper and Lending Club Issue $53.7 Million in New Loans in April
By Peter Renton
The growth engine at Lending Club kept chugging along in April. Most of the month saw over 1000 new loans available for investors on the platform at any one time – this seems to be thenew normal now at Lending Club. They have really hit ...
Social Lending | The New Normal
KELOLAND TV is the news, weather and sports information leader in South Dakota from Sioux Falls to Rapid City; in Minnesota from Marshall to Worthington to ...

Apparently Abnormal is the New Normal - FOX Carolina 21
Chilly, windy conditions for now with a Freeze Warning posted for Western NC early Tuesday. However, we will warm up nicely at some point this week. Find out ...

Living in the New Normal | Home Base Program
8-Week Relaxation Training Mondays at 5:30pm starting June 4 for service members and veterans; Online Series for Clinicians "From the War Zone to the Home ...

The slow road to the new normal | A User's Guide to Power
Yesterday a special tribunal in the Hague convicted Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia, of crimes against humanity. It was an historic ruling, the first ruler ...

A New Normal - preview of new track on Vimeo
Here's a little preview of one of the new tracks by A New Normal.

Our New Normal: More Preeclampsia News
More Preeclampsia News. A new study is out dealing with the risk for recurrence of preeclampsia and outcome of subsequent pregnancies. Whew, what a mouth ...

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