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Occupied Chicago is America's New Normal

Bringing It All Back Home: Occupied Chicago is America's New Normal
By Chris Floyd (about the author) Gary Younge and Bernard Harcourt have good pieces in the Guardian about the "new normal" of America's militarized society, as exemplified by armed occupation of Chicago by a staggering array of "security" forces.

To cope with budget, Cobb shortens school year, raises class size and cuts ...
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
I can't help but be depressed at the continual AJC news stories about larger classes, fewer teachers and shorter calendars. This story is about Cobb, a school system that has been an academic pace setter and a major factor in the county's appeal to ...

PwC Economic Advisor Warns Charities of New Economic Conditions, reports
Albany Times Union
“As society adjusts to the “new normal” world, there will be new social developments and trends which appear to require a response from charities. Youth unemployment is one obvious example.” also reports the conference heard most economies ...

Not Ryan Murphy AGAIN, NBC
NBC decided to take the bait to spice things up a bit with The New Normal, which appears to be what happens if Ryan Murphy watches Modern Family right before going to bed. “See, I could totally do that too” is the unofficial tagline of The New Normal.


'Bunheads' Review: Sutton Foster Shines In Quirky New Drama
Hollywood Life
Megan Hilty wowed us on Smash, Andrew Rannells is garnering buzz for The New Normal, and this summer, Sutton Foster will make her leading-lady debut as the star of ABC Family's Bunheads. I check out the first episode of the dance-themed drama, ...

Ryan Murphy Dissects Glee and American Horror Story, Addresses Fans and Critics
Ali Adler co-created The New Normal and has run and staffed many rooms before. That show also will have a very overexperienced staff that we're bringing on. Last year, FX president John Landgraf told me what he loved so much about American Horror Story ...

PPM Leaders Must Embrace Change And Adapt To The "New Normal"
The pervasiveness of information and communication technology is driving intense levels of change, requiring business to adapt in ways that IT organisations are not currently structured to address effectively, according to Gartner, Inc. This dynamic is ...

Big room needed for Big East meetings
Memphis Commercial Appeal
"Change is sort of the new normal," he said, "and we've got to get used to it." Such is life for the Big East Conference circa spring 2012, what with eight new members -- including the University of Memphis, which will officially join the league next ...

Paul helps Clippers forget history
This new normal is so entrenched now, you almost forget how different it used to be in these parts. When the Clippers are down late in the game, you expect them to win. Or rather, you expect Paul to pull it out for them. When one of the NBA's elite ...

Joplin Tornados: A Year Later
What was a true disaster zone in June was starting to develop a new "normal" routine by November, as displaced residents sought new homes in FEMA trailers and older homes such as the one renovated by the Loganville crew in nearby Webb City.

Nine out of Ten Businesses Have Energy Goals, Deloitte Says
Environmental Leader
The recession changed energy habits for both businesses and consumers and using less may be the new normal, said Greg Aliff, a vice chairman in Deloitte's energy and resources sector and one of the authors of the report. Businesses have made progress...

Environmental Leader

'Real Housewives of Atlanta,' NeNe Leakes, on New Sitcom
NeNe is certainly ambitious as anyone who has seen her on the Housewives knows. If anyone can pull off three television roles almost simultaneously, it is certainly this Atlanta firecracker. To catch NeNe Leakes on The New Normal, be sure to tune into ...

While the Big East continues to change, league officials stress unity
"Change is the new normal." Bailey, by the way, is heading this year's meetings because former commissioner John Marinatto was forced to resign. Still on Monday, every Big East coach, athletic director and league official all made sure to stress in ...

The Dark and the Wacky Share Space on the Schedule
New York Times
They include, in addition to “Animal Practice,” “The New Normal” on NBC, “Partners” on CBS, “Ben and Kate” and “The Mindy Project” on Fox, and “The Neighbors” and “Malibu Country” on ABC. The new sitcoms will join 24 returning ones like “The Big Bang ...

TV on Tap: Stockard Channing Wants to Be on "Smash," Syfy Cancels "Sanctuary ...
NeNe Leakes, who I'm starting to think of as NeNe Leakes of Glee and The New Normal, will be talking with Wendy today. I don't know which scripted show I hope to see her discuss. I hear from Addison Dewitt (thanks Addison!) that today's topics includes ...

Navios Maritime Holdings Executive Insights: Outlook and Strategy
Wall St. Cheat Sheet
I mean, when do you guys – kind of, what's your internal projection as far as rates coming back a little bit, and when do you think about a potential rate increase, what do you think the magnitude can be, are we in a new normal of shipping rates that ...

The Audacity of WTF
Huffington Post (blog)
In other words, right now we may be on the way to the triumph of money, power and fundamentalism -- a development that should seem shocking, yet instead has become the new normal. We have outrage fatigue. Fury has slid into a persistent low-grade fever ...

Day 1 of Davitt Bridge being closed
WWLP 22News
But others say they had plenty of time to prepare their new routes and it won't be long before that's their new normal. “There's plenty of alternative routes. I'm hoping it doesn't impact Chicopee because we're hoping we can do something downtown,” ...

Natural Resource-Related Stocks Show Promise: Frank Barbera (press release)
Finally, I want to acknowledge that this concept that PIMCO has stressed, the "New Normal," still seems to be the overriding theme, which is one of very slow nominal growth and actually flat to negative real growth. As an example, go back and take a ...

Commentary: Pence makes the safe pick
The Statehouse File
We may have waited two centuries to have a woman preside over the Indiana Senate – the lieutenant governor's chief responsibility – but now that's the new normal. A male gubernatorial candidate who doesn't select a female running mate runs a huge risk ...

Andy Staples: Big East still hopeful, but tectonic shifts have league's fate ...
He worries that frequent change may simply be the new normal. "Two years from now, you may be back down from here talking to some other people," Auriemma said. "That's just the nature of where everything is right now."

Notes from Big East meetings
Memphis Commercial Appeal (blog)
Connecticut women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma said that change and upheaval has become the "new normal." Andy Staples of has some good stuff from him. Didn't see Jim Calhoun or Rick Pitino there today. Memphis coaches Justin Fuente and Josh ...

Don Kornreich Reducing the threat of Armageddon
Frederick News Post (subscription)
Bob McDonnell is facing his state's budget shortfall "head on" and has "reset budget baselines to 2007 levels to reflect the 'new normal' of mediocre revenue collections." The report concluded, " ... nearly every state will need a budget reset back to ...

Survey reveals consumers, businesses frugal with energy
Fierce Energy
"The recession is profoundly changing energy habits for both businesses and consumers," said Greg Aliff, Vice Chairman, Energy and Resources, Deloitte. "Using less may be the new normal, from boardroom tables to the kitchen tables."

Pols Apart
Huffington Post
In The Spirit of Compromise, Gutmann and Thompson point out that on issues ranging from health care to taxes to the debt ceiling the dangerous new normal of the 21 century "biases the political process in favor of the status quo and stands in the way ...

My Turn: Students shouldn't move on until they're ready
Trust me; we're going to check to see how many, if any, students are left behind this year at Topsail Middle, and other schools in our region. Let's hope we don't find that this type of activity is the "new normal." That's my turn. Now it's your turn.

Lake Tahoe Science Conference highlights environment, economics, research
Carson Now
The plenary session “Change: The new normal in managing ecosystems in California” will be presented by Jeffrey Mount, a professor from the University of California, Davis, on Wednesday from 5 to 8 pm at the DW Reynolds Non-profit Center in Incline ...

"What would George Steinbrenner do?" What a ridiculous question
It's also possible, on the other hand, that, yes, it's a team that is suddenly feeling its age and said slump is less aberration than it is the new normal. But whichever of those things it is, firing people and doing dumb angry things will not help.

Deloitte PE Confidence Survey: 24 percent of respondents expect improvement in ...
The Diplomat Bucharest
... Financial Advisory Services Deloitte Romania. “Overall, I would say that 'local' funds remain cautious with the bias still toward a focus on existing portfolio management, despite being more comfortable with the 'new normal', “he added.

The Diplomat Bucharest

GE 13 to be survival of the fittest
Malaysia Star
Will the upcoming polls see this becoming the new normal or will we return to the status quo ante? I will try my best to cover these dilemmas. But then again, if we refer to Tun Daim's tennis analogy and the doubts raised by Bersih, another major ...

Gartner: IT suppliers heading for breaking point
The force of this change and uncertainty on PPM leaders necessitates constant adjustment and realignment of organisational roles, capabilities and mind sets to succeed within the continuously evolving "new normal". "Constant innovation and change are ...


On "police state" and "fascism"
Democratic Underground
When the weight of evidence shows that out of control authoritarianism has become the new normaland that peaceful protest can easily get your head bloodied (with a smile!), we have crossed a very real line, and inertia tends to indicate the trend will ...

Creative Grocery Shopping The “New Normal” Post-Recession
Grocers and consumer-packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers are still figuring out how to navigate the post-recession economy, but consumers have it down: They are finding any.
Marketing Charts, Stats, Facts & Trends

NeNe Leakes on Glee | The Wendy Williams Show
By wendy
Then, NeNe talks about her friendship with Kim Kardashian and reveals how she got the part on her new NBC sitcom, "The New Normal," debuting in the fall. Plus, NeNe brought Wendy a special gift to celebrate her 500th show! Take a look.
The Wendy Williams Show

Forget The "Bazookas": Here Come The "Tomahawks" And ...
By Tyler Durden
Bizarre is the new normal. Login or register to post comments. Mon, 05/21/2012 - 18:03 | 2448998 resurger · resurger's picture. And Alice is now buying gold in Wonderland! Login or register to post comments. Mon, 05/21/2012 - 20:18 ...

Top 10 from the Serengeti Summit « Legal Current
By Bernadette Bulacan
Thought-leader and former general counsel of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), Susan Hackett, opened her keynote address with the differences between the “Old Normal” and the “New Normal.” How to thrive in the New Normal?
Legal Current

'Parks And Recreation' Season 5: New Love Interests And President ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
The New Normal. Ellen Barkin as Jane, Andrew Rannells as Bryan, Georgia King as Goldie, Bebe Wood as Shania, Justin Bartha as David ... The New Normal. Andrew Rannells as Bryan, Ellen Barkin as Jane, Nene Leakes as Rocky ...
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed

Glenn Greenwald « Antiwar Radio with Scott Horton
By (
... why the US is moving rapidly toward an authoritarian police state 10+ years after 9/11; how the PATRIOT Act and military commissions, both highly controversial in 2001, have become the new normal; the Justice Department's refusal to say ...
Antiwar Radio with Scott Horton

Reality Cures Traffic Congestion | Occidental Dissent
By Hunter Wallace
We're four years into the “new normal.” Most people assume that eventually we will go back to the world as we knew it before that historical turning point. The months will pass. The years will pass. Eventually, after enough time has passed, the ...
Occidental Dissent

Daily Kos: On refusing to be rounded out of existence
By (James Wells)
The ever-growing scale of big carbon projects has been presented as the new normal. A necessity. Just business as usual. Who could be against "continuing" to meet the energy needs of the world? Except it's not "continuing". The inherent ...

Attention NH House….HB 1704 – It's Still A Trap! — GraniteGrok
By Steve MacDonald
The list keeps going, and it never gets any prettier. Suffice to say that anything they promote is aimed at moving the new normal as far left as possible to stage their next attack on free speech and to so over complicate the idea of private money ...

The Smokescreen of 'Modernization' at Library and Archives Canada
By Ian Milligan
Is this the new normal? Let's hope not. By Ian Milligan. The government claims that Library and Archives Canada needs to be modernized so all Canadians can access archival services. Yet the state of Canada's online collections are small ...

Avenging The Recession - The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan - The ...
By Andrew Sullivan
If the new normal is a world in which a studio is releasing a $150-$250M movie every single weekend and three of those movies are failing for every one that strikes it rich, the studios are going to run out of money really quickly. Previous The ...
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

CityTank: Get Stoked to Surf The Fourth Wave of Planning - Seattle ...
By Adam Bejan Parast
... as what happened with the Bullitt Foundation Living Building. The formative influences on planning's fourth wave are the “new normal” economy, climate change, energy, food systems, and regional sustainable development. Full post here.
Seattle Transit Blog

The New Normal - The New Normal - Video -
Two gay dads and a baby mama create a totally new kind of family comedy.

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