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Higher prices are the New Normal

HDD Pricewatch: Higher prices are the new normal
By Joel Hruska on May 24, 2012 at 3:16 pm It's been several months since the flood waters in Thailand began receding and since ExtremeTech posted its last edition of HDD PriceWatch, but we've finally begun to see more stable prices for various hard ...


Mike Scully Signs Overall Deal With 20th TV, Joins 'The New Normal' As Co-EP
Under the seven-figure pact, he will join 20th TV's upcoming Ryan Murphy-Ali Adler NBC comedy series The New Normal and will develop new live-action or animated projects for the studio. Additionally, Scully will continue his part-time gig working one...

TV on Tap: "Top Chef Masters"' Gay Fourth Season, The CW is Staying at "The ...
Longtime Simpsons producer Mike Scully is joining The New Normal, which should help ensure the show is funny. Sean Durkin, who wrote and directed Martha Marcy May Marline, wants to adapt The Exorcist as a 10-part mini-series.

Can a Return to “Golden Era” Values Prevent Your Firm from Becoming the Next ...
ABA Journal
By Rachel M. Zahorsky If former New York governor and famed federal prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey were alive today, he might recognize the new normal facing law firms as being a very old normal, said Paul Lippe, founder and CEO of the lawyer collaboration ...

Having the will to live
Las Cruces Bulletin
“It's a new normal.” According to the American Cancer Society, there are nearly 12 million cancer survivors in the United States. In 2012, the organization es- timates there will be 1.6 million new cancer cases diagnosed in the US In New Mexico, ... Commenter Shout-Outs, Post-Upfronts Editions: Your Recent Thoughts the ... (blog)
The New Normal seems like more of the kind of preachy self-righteous noise I already get too much of on Glee. Is it too much to ask that Ryan Murphy respect his audience enough for simply tuning in to not inundate them in moralizing speeches and overly ...

Bike lanes part of city's ongoing cultural shift
Vancouver Courier
Call it the new normal. If you can cite any single event that kicked off the trend that led us to where we are today, it was the decision to stop the construction of a cross-town freeway through Vancouver's downtown. That was in 1972.

Adland's take on fall '12
The agency also notes that this fall is well-stocked with 'bromances' – comedies with largely male casts hung on close friendships – and non-traditional families, including Partners and The New Normal. These shows recall the female-centric New Girl and ...


Weak rupee a historic opportunity for manufacturing MSMEs: FISME
``According to FISME`s analysis, the balance of macroeconomic factors indicate that the current level of the rupee will be the new normal in the short to medium term and this represents a historic opportunity for Indian manufacturing,`` he added.

Why Dividend Stocks Can't Take The Place Of Bonds (II)
Seeking Alpha
We continue to examine (part 1) the alternatives for long-term investors in the light of the "new normal" of volatility, low interest rates and inflation. Recently, Morgan Housel of the Motley Fool pushes back on the bond market saying that with low ...

Longmont representatives find a new world at Vegas retail convention
Longmont Daily Times-Call
In the meantime, the "new normal" of the retail environment will test every bit of his 29 years experience as a shopping center professional, he said. "Whatever we do is going to be driven by the retailers," Ginsborg said. He said the mall will host a ...

This Week in Review: Facebook's IPO gone bad, and New Orleans loses its daily ...
Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard
Former journalism professor Philip Meyer made a similar point, arguing that Buffett is the type of buyer who's happy with the new normal of lower profit margins for newspapers: “It looks like he is betting that the slide in newspaper earning power has...

Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard

20 web TV shows we're watching
iMedia Connection
But the "new normal" is streaming Lilyhammer through Netflix on your Xbox, subscribing to channels on YouTube, and watching web TV originals on your iPhone. In case you don't know where to start with your viewing, we've listed 20 of our favorites.

iMedia Connection

Obama: Hey, Don't Blame Me for These "Wild" Republican Debts!
Town Hall
He has institutionalized these sharply increased "emergency" spending levels as the new normal, and has presided over four consecutive trillion-dollar-plus annual deficits. Prior to this presidency, the United States had never had a single ...

The news was sometimes buried, but the TP helped us back on our feet
The lens
Eventually the paper returned to my front porch signally another step towards the “new normal.” I encouraged my friends to subscribe. I wasn't just a consumer, I was a believer. Squandered Heritage was born in part because of a burning question that I ...

The lens

Democrats Blew Up Spending
Sound Politics
While a significant increase (especially with what turned out to be a $419B drop in revenue), the Democrats ended up increasing spending by an astonishing $535B instead (hence the new normal of trillion-dollar deficits). Bush refused to sign it into ...

April was a winning month for South Mississippi casinos, but not for ...
During the Southern Gaming Summit this month in Biloxi, casino officials said the industry continues to feel the effects of the slowly recovering national economy and is adjusting to the new normal. Before the recession, casinos were thought to be ...

Ash: City in “Good” Financial Shape
Chelsea Record
Despite the current economy recovery, Ash reports the City's budget faces threats from what he calls the “new normal” in municipal budgeting. Among those items of concern to Ash are the chronic State budget crisis and Federal spending cuts that ...

Responsibility is missing as 'fiscal cliff' approaches
Washington Post
Now the astonishing new normal is that tax cuts should be extended up to $1 million. My mythical sensible lawmakers would let some tax cuts expire — the supposedly temporary Social Security payroll tax holiday plus some corporate pork — and postpone ...

More truth + more technology = more pro-lifers
According to Musgrave, pro-life is now the new normal. "Just wait until we keep educating people about Planned Parenthood being the largest abortion-provider in the country, [being] a profit-driven, abortion-centered business -- and just tell Americans ...


What President Obama Should Be Talking About Today
Las Vegas TSG
President Obama's failed 'stimulus' policies and spending binge (which turned “a one-off surge in spending” into “his permanent New Normal”) have added trillions of dollars to the debt and are dragging down our economy. Speaker John Boehner wants to ...

Metro riders council delivers message to board on better communications
Washington Post (blog)
This is the new normal, as I said in a previous posting. If Metro officials know that — and they certainly do — then they should also know that they need to do a better job with old-fashioned forms of communication, the face-to-face kind.

Thomson eclipse blocking our world view
The Australian Financial Review
The “new normal” for China and other emerging markets looks more like the “old normal” with growth at about 5-6 per cent. This would remain a healthy clip, but not the hyper-charged growth that has prompted Australia's miners to indulge in their ...

The Australian Financial Review

Making Money Investing In Leaders - Stocks Selected By A Pro
Seeking Alpha
That is not easy to obtain in this "new normal," low growth macro scenario. Google has a solid revenue growth record. Over the past five years, revenue has grown at a CAGR of 22.6%, gross profit dollars at a CAGR of 24.3% and operating profit dollars ...

'I never gave up,' transplant recipient Hélène Campbell says
Ottawa Citizen
In the meantime, there's simply another tomorrow to get through, as her strength returns and her body adapts to a new normal. The idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis isn't expected to affect her new lungs, but a transplant brings with it a whole new set of ...

Three sisters battle, defeat breast cancer
Quad City Times
It took some time to reach what Hill calls her “new normal.” Oltmanns, now 67, is retired from her job as an insurance agent. She, of course, knew about her sisters' experience, but was in denial about her own health, she said.

Marvellous wedding
Indian Express
Marvel and DC's endorsement of gay rights may represent a new normal, especially after Barack Obama became the first US president to support gay marriage. Still, that the storyline of a gay superhero marrying his partner touches off exclamations is a ...

A tragedy in Niger
Sydney Morning Herald
Aid workers are wondering if this could be the ''new normal'' for Niger and its neighbours. Matt Wade and photographer Janie Barrett were supported by CARE Australia, Plan International Australia and Save the Children Australia to report from west ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Strong tourism summer predicted for Chattanooga area
Chattanooga Times Free Press
There's the school of thought whether it's a new normal we have to get used to or whether we'll come back to those levels," said Karen Baker, senior marketing director for Rock City and Ruby Falls. "We've probably still got a year or two before we're ...

Chattanooga Times Free Press

Is Vision 2020 delusionary?
Selangor Times
A new normal settled in the 2000s, of moderate economic growth, a broadening of the development mandate, tepid attempts at reform, and continual decline in public institutions. Corruption kept flowing, education stagnated, people were governed by a ...

So Which Is It, Politico?
New Republic (blog)
“Now it's back to the new normal: Jobs are hovering at a level that doesn't make any real progress, along with people continuing to drop out of the workforce,” said Matt McDonald of Hamilton Place Strategies, who is an outside consultant to the Romney ...

PayPal aims for ubiquity in mobile payments with point-of-sale, JC Penny, and ...
The Verge
PayPal president David Marcus calls the integration of online, offline, and mobile the "new normal of retail," which points to the company's strategy combining PayPal Here for small business, POS integration with mid-market companies, and partnerships ...

Confessions of a Farm Wife: The New Normal
By Emily
The New Normal. So it's officially summer. The two older ones are out of school; the temperature has been rising...summertime, and the living's easy, right? Well, sort of. For our family, however, this year's summertime will bring a new normal.
Confessions of a Farm Wife

Is coming out over? Let's hope Jim Parsons' nonchalant gay ...
By Sarah Rufca
Is coming out over? Let's hope Jim Parsons' nonchalant gay "disclosure" is the new normal. Tweet Pin It. By Sarah Rufca. 05.24.12 | 03:12 pm. Buried deep in The New York Times' exhaustive overview of Houston native Jim Parsons' career ...
News Feed - CultureMap Houston

The Next iPhone: What Do Users Need? | Pocketnow
By Michael Fisher
As larger and larger LCD and AMOLED panels gained popularity, though, they graduated from the sideshow freaks of the phone world to the “new normal.” I've watched the 4.3-inch slot go from oversized-monstrosity to the new “sweet spot” in ...

Celent Banking Blog » How Many Bank Branches do we Need in the ...
By Bob Meara
If indeed we're in a “new normal” of sharply reduced retail banking profitability, than the answer – to one degree or another – is “no”. Celent is developing a more detailed perspective on how many bank branches the US is likely to support over ...
Celent Banking Blog

Democrats Blew Up Spending - pudge
By pudge
While a significant increase (especially with what turned out to be a $419B drop in revenue), the Democrats ended up increasing spending by an astonishing $535B instead (hence the new normal of trillion-dollar deficits). Bush refused to sign ...

PJ Media » GOP Energy Blitz: Obama's 'All of the Above' Disregards ...
By Bridget Johnson
Energy headlines rise and fall with gas prices, but House Republicans hit cities around the country today to spread the message that a $3.76 per gallon average is a “new normal” that's simply not acceptable. House Majority Whip Kevin ...
PJ Media

Aguanomics: Can we end hydraulic mining?
By (David Zetland)
Scarcity has become the new normal: we now get less water for more money, time, lawsuits, and other forms of full employment for politicians, engineers, lawyers, lobbyists, bureaucrats and economists. (Remember CalFed? It cost $5 billion ...

Zak Waters LP Coming This Fall!
By Eavie
It feels like only yesterday Mr. Zak Waters put out his EP “New Normal.” Heads nodded. Booties shook. And Zak Waters was seen near and far singing his dance jams in his fancy red kicks. Now Zak and the crew are back to tease us with good ...
Kick Kick Snare

Pasadena Daily Photo: We Mosey
By Petrea Burchard
Slow is the new normal for our walks with Boz. He's never been the fastest canine on a leash, but now his pace is positively regal. He can spend a good deal of time with his nose in a bush, delicately licking its boughs. (Some things we don't ...
Pasadena Daily Photo

Ratings For 'Idol' Finale Are Worst Ever -
By Charlie Toft
This could represent the new normal for Idol, which struggled this season without the curiosity factor of a new judging panel. Increased competition, and the simple difficulty in keeping a series on top for a full decade, have finally taken their toll.

Half of humanity belongs to "Generation Hot" | The Vancouver ...
By Barry Saxifrage
Michael Oppenheimer, a Princeton University climate scientist recently said: "A warmer world is the new normal. To me, it's startling to think that a generation has grown up with global warming defining their world." Of course few of them are old ...
Vancouver Observer Main Feed

Washington's new normal: Obama's permanently higher level of spending
Let's keep it simple. The above chart is simply annual federal spending, adjusted for inflation, based on info from the White House Office of Management and ...

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