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The New Normal Requires New Thinking

The new normal
The Guardian Charlottetown
We are in a "new normal", and for managers, that requires new thinking. I call it "new normal thinking" where we really don't know for sure what is going to work. What has worked before may work in the new normal. But, chances are it won't.

'Perma-bull' James Paulsen: Respect the recovery
The chief investment strategist of Wells Capital Management on why investors shouldn't panic and why the 'new normal' is 25 years old. By Amy Feldman, contributor FORTUNE -- If you're nervous about the economy, you could do worse than talk to James ...

Philadelphia Phillies storyline: the new beginning
Tomorrow is my return to the new normal. Mac, their feed computer, was out of order, which meant neither acceptance nor rejection. That problem has been fixed, but all commentary during that timeframe has been passed over. The restart was initiated ...

PRIMETIME PILOT PANIC: Pre-Upfront Week Update
The list includes five comedy pilots: the single-camera 1600 PENN, THE NEW NORMAL, SAVE ME and FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER (the latter is backed by by Greg Daniels' veteran NBC series The Office, meaning that the writer-producers signed for FND would segue to ...


6 Safehaven Stocks Continuing To Buck The Trend
Bond dealer Pimco head, Mohammed El Arian, wrote a book titled “The New Normal” in which he talks about a post-GFC world of lower investment returns, slower economic growth and increased frequency of unanticipated shocks to global financial systems.


New Jersey Woman Undergoes Surgery for Frozen Abdomen in Germany, Announces ...
Albany Times Union
"I am trying to live my life with this new normal," says Patterson. "I believe that Dr. Kruschinski saved my life! I thank Karen Steward for bringing awareness to the world about adhesions." Karen Steward is the author of the book Doctors: Bound By ...

An Unrealistic Business Plan
Inside Higher Ed
Instead, the report offers “new normal,” magical thinking as realism: “Realistically, however, given the severe budget pressures facing the states, the prospects of significantly greater public funding of postsecondary education in the short to medium ...

Immelt Talks Economy, Jobs in Fairfield County
The Daily New Canaan
Immelt said he tells people to prepare for what is “a new normal” and that the country will see slow growth over several years rather than a quick turnaround. With so much of the innovation coming from California's Silicon Valley, Immelt said that ...

The Daily Start-Up: Lighting Co. TerraLUX Backed By Al Gore's Firm
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Founders maintaining their grip on companies, as Mark Zuckerberg has done with Facebook, is the new normal in Silicon Valley, says Bloomberg, which finds that at least 10 of last year's tech IPOs included a special class of shares that give founders ...

Strategic Healthcare Investors' Investment Thesis
Non-profit organizations don't have to explain to public markets why a flat or declining top line revenue figure can be a good thing (assuming they get costs optimized for the new normal). As an example, already forward-looking organizations have ...


Arizona GOP tried to make most of supermajority
Tucson Citizen
This set a “new normal” for state spending — $8.57 billion for fiscal 2013 — that Brewer and legislative leaders say they won't reverse even as state revenues rebound. “We did a lot of good this year,” said Sen. Steve Smith, R-Maricopa.

Focus now on reviving the investment climate: Montek Singh Ahluwalia
Times of India
Do you think 7-7.5% is the new normal for India and the expectations for double-digit expansion should be abandoned for now? A: We had never targeted a double digit growth rate. Our target for the Eleventh Plan was 9 percent and we have achieved about ...

Canada Crime Bill C10 hunger striker takes protest to Parliament Hill
I'm concerned that this “tyranny of silence” is becoming the new normal in Canada. It seeks replace Canada's fine art of democratic conversation. It wears down progressive opponents of ideology-based official policy and discourages Canadians from ...

The Arctic This Week - News for April 29 - May 5, 2012
The Arctic Institute
In Russia, direct election of regional governors looks as though it will be the new normal as of this summer (BN), and we heard that the parole request of Anton Lebedev, a former oil tycoon accused of money laundering and embezzlement, has been denied ...

The Arctic Institute

Drug Shortages Continue To Chip Away at Patient Care
Pharmacy Practice News
... their resources to drugs for which higher profit margins can be anticipated.” Unless things change, the rollercoaster drug shortage problem looks to be thenew normal. All sources quoted in this article have no relevant financial conflicts of interest.

Pharmacy Practice News

Omni-Nomics: Process Changes Key to Success
RIS News (blog)
This is the new normal for retailing.” Girard is program director for merchandise strategies for IDC Retail Insights, and he acknowledged retailers struggle with transparency. “Stores are no longer big boxes,” he said, “they are glass boxes with ...

GE 2011: One year later
Yahoo! Singapore News (blog)
With a by-election looming in Hougang, the PM can go further and hold a few more, giving Singaporeans a chance to say what they think of governance in this new normal. It is time for a few of the older MPs to leave the scene and bring in new faces.

Yahoo! Singapore News (blog)

Goldman Sachs Downgrades Carnival Corporation (CCL) to Neutral
StreetInsider.com (subscription)
The firm said with exogenous variables such as oil price spikes, cruise accidents, hardware malfunctions and geopolitical events, multiples for cruise stocks have compressed and may reflect a "new normal." The firm expects the valuation on Carnival and ...

Guest post: get ready for weak rupee
Financial Times (blog)
The key question now is whether the fresh lows are the 'new normal' for the rupee. This appears to be the case, at least for the next few years. The main culprit was probably domestic policy in the post-Lehman days, when the government opted for a ...

Judiciary and DOE Team Up to Teach Anti-Bullying TUESDAY -FRIDAY at Westin
Pacific News Center
He added, “Preventing our youth from entering our court system is not only deserving of our attention, but a matter of responsible court administration most especially in light of the 'new normal' austere budgetary times.

Our electoral system can't be perfect, but it can be fair
Ottawa Citizen
And if perfection is the new normal, at what point does the task of administering elections become so onerous that nobody can be found willing to do it? I am looking at a pink sheet, the Statement of the Vote, from my last byelection as deputy ...

There are few sparks in a sputtering US recovery
Financial Times
We are halfway through the new normal cycle. America blessedly does not face the break-up of its currency, or political disintegration, as many fear for Europe. But in other respects its Europeanisation is almost complete.

Financial Times

Inequality now Canadians' top concern, displacing medicare as perennial front ...
Hill Times (subscription)
New normal: The trouble with normal, Bruce Cockburn told us, is it always gets worse. No opposition party has so far said that they are committed to reversing all the reactionary and destructive actions of this government. Yet, this is what we should ...

Hill Times (subscription)

New Obama ad will “run on our record,” but leave out … « Hot Air
By Ed Morrissey
There are fewer jobs in the US now than when Obama took office — no, really — and Obama's trying to sell this as The New Normal. That's exactly what Carter tried to sell in 1980, and history showed how well permanent stagnation sells.
Hot Air » Top Picks

The Path from a Social Brand to a Social Business | Social Media ...
By BrianSolis
Social Media is pervasive and is becoming the new normal in corporate marketing. Brands who get this right are starting to build their own media networks rich with customer connections numbering in the millions. Right now, Coca-Cola has ...
Social Media Today - The world's...

Just be Awesome | Mark Batterson
By mark
I'll be honest, when I first met Bob I thought he was crazy. Now I'm convinced he's not crazy. Bob is normal. We're just so subnormal that he seems abnormal. When you make the decision to follow Jesus, crazy becomes your new normal.
Mark Batterson

OTR Links 05/07/2012 | doug – off the record
By dougpete
In the face of the “new normal” of decreased budgets and increased expectations, many administrators are turning to technology to enhance teaching and learning while mitigating the consequences of consecutive years of budget cuts. Mobile ...
doug - off the record

Institute for Energy Research | Drill, No-Spill High Tech
By Robert Bradley
But now the Gulf of Mexico is getting back to normal (or a new-normal) with permit processing time between applicants and the Department of Interior's Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement has falling from of 125 days to 50 days ...
Institute for Energy Research

Motherhood: Indecison 2012 : The Last Word On Nothing
By Cassandra Willyard
So, yeah, there's no slam dunk answer. In my experience, parenthood is one big validation of humankind's ability to adapt and, given even just a short amount of time, how a major disruption to the old routine quickly becomes the “new normal.” ...
The Last Word On Nothing

StartUp Canada's Visit to PEI – Why it is important
By admin
Our only chance of pulling this off lies in us making StartUps the new normal. What do I hope will happen? The StartUp Community itself will see itself and its power - Most of the nodes of the StartUp community just have their heads down and ...
Startup Canada

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