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High Unemployment the New Normal

High Unemployment the New Normal
Reason Online (blog)
The headline unemployment statistics are wrong. Unemployment is higher than 8.1 percent and it will be for a while. Last month the government said that 8.1 percent of the American work force was unemployed, down from 9 percent in April 2011.

Reason Online (blog) 

UK Inflation & the New Normal
This "new normal" of disappointing growth and volatility for western economies is not just the legacy of the financial crisis. It also reflects the pressures within the global economy as the balance of economic power shifts from West to East.

Innovation is the 'new normal'
Hindu Business Line
Innovation is the 'new normal' in business, says global management consulting specialist Hay Group. The companies which have managed to effectively capture the huge business opportunities are those which have successfully innovated.

Hindu Business Line

The new normal is nonsense, says James Paulsen
Paulsen, who oversees the investment of $325bn for the US bank, particularly disagrees with the idea of the 'new normal' that's popular with other high-profile managers such as Bill Gross. The theory goes that high levels of private and public debt ...

Denver CFOs speak out about 'operating in the new normal'
Denver Business Journal
The DBJ asked some metro Denver chief financial officers to answer three questions about “operating in the new normal.” Today we are operating in a new normal.How has the role of CFO changed for you? UMB's “new normal” involves a laser focus on ...

Morning Meme: Dustin Lance Black Is Ready To Campaign, Yves St. Laurent Was...
Tyler Hoechlin give very little away about the second season of Teen Wolf in a new interview. But he is aware of fan reaction to one scene in the first season, namely when Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) makes Derek take off his shirt for Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) ...

Anthony Randazzo on the New Normal for Unemployment
Reason Online (blog)
With unemployment down to 8.1 percent, it's looking like a real recovery in the USA Or is it? Anthony Randazzo shows how the drop in headline unemployment may just mean fewer people are working at all. In April 2012, Randazzo notes, ...

Reason Online (blog)

Morning Meme: Dustin Lance Black Is Ready To Campaign, Yves St. Laurent Was ...
I really don't know what to say about this appearance of Rep. Barney Frank and hate group leader Tony Perkins on Hardball with Chris Matthews. This is old school Chris, being a journalist grounded in reality. We haven't seen this side of Matthews in a ...

However, at least five shows are coming back from this season
Inside Blip
NBC also announced a full slate of new shows coming, including "Chicago Fire," "Do No Harm," "Infamous," "Revolution," "1600 Penn," "Save Me," "Go On," "Animal Practice" and "New Normal." "Chicago Fire" is from Law & Order's Dick Wolf about a Chicago ...

Inside Blip

A brave and welcome move
Irish Times
A GAY couple and their surrogate child are the central characters of a new US sitcom on NBC, “The New Normal”. The title says it all. And other popular TV reflects that reality: on “Glee” a transgender character is set to compete in a sing-off; ...

Tiger Woods may have come back to the pack for good
Golf has settled into a new normal. There no longer is Tiger Woods and the rest of the field. Tiger Woods is the rest of the field. One round in at TPC Sawgrass, Tiger Woods trails the leader by nine strokes. It's a familiar situation for the 14-time ...

Argentina: lower growth ahead
Financial Times (blog)
Spectacular growth – an average of 7.8 per cent from 2003-2011, according to the central bank – has been the new normal for the last few years. But there are signs the breathless pace is slowing. Fourth quarter growth in 2011, according to latest data ...
NBC Will Reportedly Gently Cancel 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation ...
Vanity Fair
The network has already confirmed series orders for six new comedies, including Go On, from NBC alum Matthew Perry; The New Normal, from Ryan Murphy; 1600 Penn, the White House comedy starring Bill Pullman and Jenna Elfman; Anne Heche's Save Me; ...

Vanity Fair

Five of the Guardian Datablog's best visualisations (blog)
Data is the "new normal" in journalism, according to Simon Rogers, the editor of the Guardian's Datablog and Datastore. The aim of the Guardian when it comes to data is to guide the public through the mass of information available and present it in an ... (blog)

Officials: Signs point to economic recovery
Community Impact Newspaper
Although some Georgetown city staff say they do not think the city will get back to that growth rate any time soon, some economic indicators have caused them to hope for a new normal in terms of growth. “All the signs are pointed toward a longer-term ...

Community Impact Newspaper

Replace civil servants with contractors
Glendale News Press
The article by Brittany Levine (“No easy answers to budget gap,” May 1) pointed out that the new city manager, Scott Ochoa, has pronounced that a “new normal” is necessary to mitigate the current financial shortfall that our city is facing.

Citrix announces new products, services for the cloud era
There is “a profound belief on our part that the degree of change is really the new normal,” he added. One of the drivers in new product and service development at Citrix has been the concept of a mobile enterprise, which assumes that employees work on ...

Obama's gay vision lights fire under US's Bible Belt
What was once considered illegitimate has now become the new normal. Among blacks it is nearly 75 percent and for Latinos it is 55 percent (See Marriage is a Luxury Good). At a time when marriage and family as institutions are under severe stress and ...


TV renewal time: Fox keeps 'Touch,' cuts 'Alcatraz;' NBC retains 'Law & Order ...
Green Bay Press Gazette
The comedies join the Matthew Perry-helmed "Go On," "Save Me" with Anne Heche," the JJ Abrams-produced drama "Revolution" and Ryan Murphy's "The New Normal." NBC has also renewed its long-running drama "Law & Order: SVU" and is getting even cozier with ...

Briefly: Asia-Pacific region set for slower growth
Washington Times
The region also faces a “new normal” of volatile commodity prices that the UN warned will hit the poor hardest unless governments make plans to soothe the pain of higher costs. ISLAMABAD — Pakistan's military said it successfully test-fired a ...

Washington Times

Denver CFOs now play key roles in business strategies
Denver Business Journal
“We tend to coordinate all the different departments … because ultimately it all funnels down to the bottom line of profitability,” he said. The evolving role of the CFO was the focus of “Operating in the New Normal,” a panel ...

Broadcast TV Upfront Week: Prime time to pump up fall hits (or flops)
Washington Post
●Gay-couple comedy “The New Normal.” ●Anne Heche-talks-to-God comedy “Save Me.” ●Matthew Perry-needs-therapy comedy “Go On.” ●Irascible-veterinarian laugher, “Animal Practice.” ●Guys-with-kids comedy “Guys with Kids.” They will join “30 Rock” ...

7 percent of Bay, Midland, Saginaw county residents on Michigan Organ Donor ...
The Ann Arbor News -
While quality of life improves for a patient, it is a new normal to adjust to, Bishop said. Medical teams closely monitor patients after transplants to ensure the body is accepting the new organ. The intense recovery can take weeks, even months, ...

The Ann Arbor News -

PFI review leads to slump in new deals
Financial Times
What is needed now is decisiveness before the current low level of activity becomes the 'new normal' and we lose the skills base that had been created within the sector” “Whilst the economy may not be in great shape, the demand for social ...

JPMorgan's Whale of a Trading Loss Tale
Resource Investor
Think easy “easy money” is the new normal? Think it is here to stay and that the Fed is powerless to alter course? Think again. On Wednesday, NY Fed President Dudley said that the US central bank “will bring quantitative easing to a halt the moment it ...

MacGregor News
Portage Daily Graphic
Their class was the first one in the new normal school at Tuxedo in Winnipeg. In France, the name for a teachers college was “ecole normal” and it can be traced back to the late 1700's – The term originates in the Latin words “schola” – a place of ...

Local prostate cancer survivor's message of hope, support, recovery
When the founder of the group died, Gibson leading a “new normal” life, agreed to take over leadership of the monthly meetings with his wife Ruth helping with the logistics. In 2002, having served as the group's moderator for more than a dozen years, ...

The Surveillance State: Knowing Every Bit About You
The New American
These machines are now being introduced in train stations and courthouses as well, as naked becomes the new normal. A recent Supreme Court decision upholding the “right” of police to strip-search anyone arrested for any reason (the plaintiff, ...

'Real Housewives' Roundup: Melissa Gorga Moving, Sheree Whitfield's ...
Speaking of NeNe, it looks like the Ryan Murphy directed sitcom she was cast in, The New Normal , has already been picked up for NBC's pilot season. NeNe will star in a recurring role as the neighbor, Rocky, of a gay family using a surrogate to...


2012 Pilot Season: Pickups, Renewals, & Cancelations
The New Normal: A single-camera family comedy from Glee creator Ryan Murphy about a gay couple and the surrogate who is helping them create a baby of their very own. Ellen Barkin, The Hangover's Justin Bartha, and Real Housewives' NeNe Leakes star.


Getting to know your neighbor: work out at Springville Health and Fitness Center
“The older you are, the longer it takes to define your 'new normal,' and that's why diets don't work. That's my philosophy: simplicity is key. I can teach the basic fundamentals, but you've got to understand that it's not complicated, once you know the ...

Fox renews "Touch," cancels "The Finder," "Alcatraz"
CBS News
The network previously announced it had greenlit the Ryan Murphy comedy "TheNew Normal," the JJ Abrams-produced thriller "Revolution" and the comedies "Save Me" (starring Matthew Perry and "Go On" (starring Anne Heche).

CBS News

NBC picks up two, renews 30 Rock
NBC has previously committed to season orders for new dramas Chicago Fire and Revolution, and comedies The New Normal, Guys With Kids, Animal Practice, 1600 Penn, Save Me and Go On. Other NBC dramas coming back in 2012/13 include Grimm, ...

Time for US to normalize ties with Pyongyang
China Daily
That status of "one screwdriver turn away" from being a full-fledged nuclear-weapons power is hardly ideal, but it's probably the best US leaders can expect from North Korea - even in exchange for a new, normal relationship between the two countries.

China Daily

The world has changed, says Bill Gross
In this 'new normal' “real growth as opposed to financial wizardry becomes predominant”. But achieving that growth is made more difficult “by excessive fiscal deficits and high debt/GDP levels”, says Gross. So what does that mean for investors?

Harrys Law Case To Be Closed For Younger Blood
World Internet TV on PC (blog)
... full series commission, including (amongst others): Guys With Kids (Jimmy Fallon), White House-based comedy 1600 Penn, vet sitcom Animal Practice , sports comedy Go On (Matthew Perry), Save Me (Anne Heche) and The New Normal (Ryan Murphy (Glee)).

World Internet TV on PC (blog)

When Global Warming Hits Home (Literally)
Natural Resources Defense Council (blog)
Frequent, furious storms and higher seas are the new normal. The Norfolk-Virginia Beach area ranks 10th in the world for assets most at risk due to rising sea levels. Miami ranks first. Private insurers have a pretty good idea of what the future will ...

Natural Resources Defense Council (blog)

Is the end nigh for Ron Swanson?
New Zealand Herald
NBC has confirmed it will screen six new comedy shows: Go On, Save Me, TheNew Normal, 1600 Penn and Animal Practice. The Office, now past its prime after the departure of Steve Carell's dimwitted office manager Michael Scott, will reportedly continue ...

New Zealand Herald

When Overweight and Obesity Are the New Normal
By Diane Carbonell
Obesity rates continue to rise, making it seem normal for people you know to be overweight or even obese. This normalcy can contribute to the increase in obesity.
Fit to the Finish

THE NEW ABNORMAL - The Catholic League | The Catholic League
By admin
Leave a Comment. Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments as follows: The new normal is yesterday's abnormal: what was seen as bizarre, if not literally crazy, is now seen as normal. The converse is also true: those who still value ...
The Catholic League

ABNORMAL: the new “normal” | Fr. Z's Blog – What Does The Prayer ...
The new normal is yesterday's abnormal: what was seen as bizarre, if not literally crazy, is now seen as normal. The converse is also true: those who still value ...

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