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New Normal: April Jobs Report - More is Less

April Jobs: More is Less | Madison Project
By Daniel Horowitz
So this is the new normal in America. We will continue flat lining at (or near) the bottom of the employment trough indefinitely and more people will leave the workforce, even as the population continues to grow. Hey, maybe we can get the ...
Madison Project 

Putting Our Slow Jobs Recovery Into Perspective
Slow recovery, in other words, is the New Normal. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent in April from 8.2 percent in March. But that wasn't great news, because it reflected a decline in the share of the ...

Is April's Slow/Low Payroll Growth Signaling the New Normal or A New Recession?
Wall Street Pit
It's hard to tell the difference sometimes, but clarity is coming. “People say the economy is broken,” James Paulsen, chief investment strategist at Wells Capital Management, tells Bloomberg BusinessWeek's Peter Coy. “It's not. This is the New Normal.

Comcast Boasts 'Diversity,' on and off Camera
Patriot Post
New York magazine reports NBC programming chief Robert Greenblatt has given the go-ahead for a new sitcom called "The New Normal." NBC's new normal is about two gay men who start a family using a surrogate. Greenblatt is apparently so enamored with the ...

Succeeding in the “New Normal of Mainframe”
The Data Center Journal (blog)
Welcome to the “New Normal” of IT, which is taking off a lot faster than most anticipated and is forcing companies to completely rethink their IT strategies. Today's consumers expect websites and applications to just work—period—24×7,...

The Data Center Journal (blog)

The scary new normal?
You've gotta hand it to the banks – they really do know how to spoil a party! Just as business groups, consumers and entrepreneurs had stopped cheering the RBA's decision to cut rates by 50 basis points, NAB became the first major bank to take some of ...

Nets home in on pilot picks
The chatter has centered around comedies "The New Normal," "1600 Penn" and "Save Me," possibly as candidates for August premieres following NBC's summer Olympics coverage. NBC and Fox lead off the broadcast upfront presentations on May 14.

Fight the New Normal!
National Review Online (blog)
“My fear is that this is the new normal. You work hard and you don't get paid for it. You don't get a raise.” In a way, the campaign of Mitt Romney and the Republicans in 2012 is the fight against the New Normal.

Starr Report
New York Post
Ex-"Idol" finalist James Durbin appears on PBS in "Different is the New Normal" later this month. ("CBS This Morning," by the way, averaged 2.6 million viewers.) And that's about it, for now. The "GMA" vs. "Today" dustup seems like a battle that will ...

New York Post

Ryan Murphy's New Pilot With NeNe Leakes May Debut in August
The Real Housewives of Atlanta star was cast in Glee creator Ryan Murphy's new pilot, The New Normal earlier this year, and now Deadline Hollywood is reporting that the comedy about a gay couple looking to start a family could debut as early as August.

Financings of the Fortnight Says If It Floats Like A Duck...
The IN VIVO Blog (blog)
It's now the new normal, says Mahaffy. As of this writing Supernus is up $1.06 a few days past its debut, a 21% bump. Its backers, new and old, can only hope that over time it continues to resemble its 2012 peers in post-IPO performance.

The IN VIVO Blog (blog)

4 Ways to Spin the April Jobs Report
The Atlantic
If we're experiencing a blip, and winter was the new normal, our rate of job growth will have erased the 12-million worker gap before the end of the decade. But if April is indicative of thenew normal, and winter was a blip, we won't erase the gap ...

More Americans Say Their Spending Is Up
Of the 29% of Americans who say they are spending more money these days, 12% say this is anew, normal pattern for them, while 17% say it is temporary. Although fewer Americans in 2009 and 2010 said they were spending more, the proportions reporting ...

Mixed Martial Artists To Fight For Our Troops
The organizations also extended a helping hand to encourage warriors as they adjust to theirnew normal and achieve new triumphs. Offering a variety of programs and services, they are equipped to serve warriors with every type of injury – from the ...

Odisha: Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik joins hands with for Climate ...
Report by bureau; Bhubaneswar: From the devastating floods of Pakistan to the droughts of Bundelkhand to the heat waves of Odisha, extreme weather is becoming the new normal around the globe. 2011 brought with it some mind boggling ...

TV Pilot Buzz: 'Nashville,' 'Arrow,' Mindy Kaling, '1600 Penn,' 'Elementary ...
Hollywood Reporter
Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler's blended-family comedy The New Normal and Anne Heche starrer Save Me have both begun looking for writers, and the latter of which screened through the roof. … White House comedy 1600 Penn, created by and co-starring The Book ...

Hollywood Reporter

Primetime Pilot Panic: 3rd Hot List Update
In addition to single-camera comedies THE NEW NORMAL and SAVE ME, I hear also allowed to begin a hiring process are the Jimmy Fallon-produced multi-camera comedy GUYS WITH KIDS and JJ Abrams/Eric Kripke's action drama REVOLUTION, which had been very ...

Free Program For Couples Coping Breast Cancer
Garden City News
Topics are scheduled as follows: May 16 - Solving Problems, Managing Issues and Improving Communication; May 23 - Exploring Your Role as Caregiver or Survivor, and Integrating Problem- Solving into Your “New Normal.” Sessions will be led by Alisha ...

Manulife posts 22 per cent profit gain in Q1 despite pressures
What's worse, the conservative nature of regulatory directives requiring insurers to assume the low rates could be ``the new normal'' (in the words of Julie Dickson, head of the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions) are decimating the ...

US Consumer Spending Remains Up in April
Gallup's monthly averages of reported daily spending have typically been in the $60 range since 2009, as Americans pulled back in response to the financial crisis, launching a "new normal" era of reduced spending. Since then, spending has averaged ...

Social media ad spend overtakes search
"The advertising community is facing new challenges as the economy returns to a new normal," said John Shelton, CEO and president of Strata. "The introduction of new ad choices is causing the environment to become more complex, changing how agencies ...

Evening Shade set for Friday's return
Cleveland Daily Banner
One year and one week later, many local families continue their struggle to attain what is commonly referred to now as the community's “New Normal.” Last weekend, Bradley County residents joined together again in the one-year observation of the ...

Cardinal Health's CEO Discusses Q3 2012 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
Seeking Alpha
We've been making the necessary modifications to our business to adjust to what may be thenew normal from a cardiac-procedure perspective. I should note here that demographics should, in the long-term, generate some upward pressure on demand.

A month after the tornadoes: Updates from North Texas
“I'm really trying to find a new normal, but it's hard, because it's constantly, 'something has to be done. And somebody needs to talk to about something.'" But she and her neighbors forge on, thankful no one was hurt or killed when more than a dozen ...

Group focuses on kids from military families
Manhattan Mercury
... resources and conducts conferences and training related to educating military children, helped facilitate the discussion about problems created by family relocations and other current concerns. The session was titled, "Living in the New Normal."

Morning Meme: "American Idol"'s No Homo Moment, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Remaking ...
Not a lot of changes on the gay side of the pilots for the new season, with the big players like The New Normal and Partners still considered strong candidates. Kellan Lutz is set to star in Tarzan, but before you get hot and bothered at the thought of ...

When An Unemployment Rate Decline is Bad News
U.S. News & World Report
With such a prolonged dip in the participation rate, he says, there is now the question of whether this is the new normal. "How much of this big drop in the labor force participation rate will end up being permanent?" Slaughter says.

Fast Law vs, Deep Law: The legal profession's imminent collision (Edge Int'l)
JD Supra (press release)
... the fast law irresistible force is going to change paths. So, BOOM! Before long, like it or not, we are going to have the answer to your science teacher's question, courtesy of the legal profession's "New Normal." Contact the Author, Doug Richardson.

Work hard, enjoy the rewards and learn to go with the cash flow
The National
One of the things that people have gotten used to is what I call the "new normal". It's not as though it is buoyant, robust, here-we-go-again-type growth. It is more about saying the world we are living in, we've seen some bad things happen, ...

The National

Japan Underpopulation So Bad Families Resort to “Rental Relatives”
Out-of-wedlock births are the “new normal” in much of the world where 40% of all children are born without married parents. “Men who get and stay married work harder, smarter, and longer hours, and they earn between 10 and 24 percent more money,” the ...

What Facebook's Critics Don't Understand: It's a Platform, Not a Publisher
Facebook is the new normal. It is where consumers' eyeballs are. It's just that they are all looking at something completely different. There are exponentially growing opportunities to synthesize data to reach as niche or as broad of an audience as ...

Global crisis must not disrupt Asia's continuing -- ADB
The Online Zamboanga Times
The region must update its growth model to accommodate a “new normal” -- prolonged restructuring in advanced economies -- and surmount obstacles to sustained and equitable growth in developing Asia, according to the "How Can Asia Respond to Global ...

Health Systems Spending Billions To Prepare for the 'Last War'
They don't have to explain to shareholders why a flat or declining top-line revenue figure can be a good thing (assuming they get costs optimized for the new normal). Nonetheless, forward-looking organizations have already bucked conventional wisdom, ...

The Slow Recovery: Causes and Monetary Policy Implications
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Instead, it needs to be recalibrated to reflect the reality of this supposed "new normal" for the economy. This debate is often couched in terms of the unemployment rate. Broadly speaking, economists fall into two camps. One group argues that changes ...

Our Unspoken Grief - What Baby Loss Parents Want You To Know
Babble (blog)
You don't get over the death of a child — you learn to live a new normal. Please don't put a timeline on when you think we should be 'normal' again. We all have our own grief journey and even years later we will still feel the pain.

Babble (blog)

Covance's CEO Discusses Q1 2012 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
Seeking Alpha
It has become increasingly clear to us that demand at these lower levels is the new normal, and we need to adjust our capacity accordingly. Frankly, as I look back over the last several years, the results of building new toxicology capacity that came ...

Beef industry struggles to keep up with PR crises | The Republic
The Republic
So far, beef industry representatives said they haven't heard much outcry on the topic. “Controversies have been distorted and blown out of proportion,” Ogle said. But “the meat industry,” she said, “needs to understand that this is the new normal.”

The Perlman Update: The FS BRU ... Crazy Is the New Normal
By Jill
The FS BRU ... Crazy Is the New Normal. Anyone who knows me in real life, or who has read this blog more than a handful of times knows that my personal catch phrase is ... "There's never a dull moment here in the Perlman Household ... aka ...
The Perlman Update

MoreLiver's Daily: 4th May - US Payrolls Aftermath
By MoreLiver
Signaling The New Normal Or A New Recession? – The Capital Spectator. Government Job Destruction – The Street Light. US Employment Report: Glass Half Empty or Half Full? – Saxo Bank. Employment Market Continues to Muddle Along ...
MoreLiver's Daily

Today in “Everything is Terrible”
By Tom OHare
Have you applied for a job lately? God, I hope not, because now, in addition to the new normalthat is employers checking your credit score and asking for your Facebook password, we have this charming bit of news out …
Brutish&Short | For The Children

Consumer Behavior: Spenders By Nature | WEB DESIGN
By xghmas
Obviously, some consumers remain too distressed for their spending to rebound. But most people feel hopeful about renewing their engagement with shopping.As we've counseled all along, there is no “new normal of frugality” setting in as the ...

Battleground Virginia: Advantage Obama?
By Doug Mataconis
For the once reliably Republican state, competitive presidential elections are the new normal. Just look at the candidates' schedules. President Obama will make Richmond the site of his kickoff campaign rally this Saturday and, as he often ...
Outside the Beltway

Thursday links: multiple confusion | Abnormal Returns
By abnormalreturns
How has the “Pimco new normal” portfolio performed in practice? (I Heart Wall Street). A review of the literature on 'risk parity' strategies. (Empiritage). Should the business cycle affect the valuation measure you use? (Greenbackd). Personal ...
Abnormal Returns

Philanthropy's New Normal by Bunkie Righter of GuideStar ...
Bunkie Righter of GuideStar reflects on what has changed for philanthropy in the information age. Accountability, transparency, personal engagement, and ...

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